Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Perfect Fairytale"...

This is the name of one of the two installations I made for Art Grows Here 2011.

This is my inspiration.

As a child, I loved the magic of the birds and mice making her dress... Apparently I still do!

This is my artist's statement:

PERFECT FAIRYTALE This iconic fairytale sculpture was fashioned from more than a years-worth of my recycled True Value birdseed bags. It is my imaginary fantasy about what happens to these bags after we feed the birds. It was inspired by a well-known movie scene, fondly remembered from my childhood. In it, the birds make a dress for Cinderella. My installation combines my love of nature with my need to manipulate it for my own enjoyment. In whimsical fashion, it explores our impact on nature. (When installed outdoors on site it also includes birdhouses (made by my father and painted by me ) and feeders which involves the birds who fly back and forth as if creating the dress and carrying the ribbons.)

This is a close-up subtly revealing the print on the other side.

And this is the finished sculpture.
(Notice one of the blue and red birdseed bags on the chair.)

I'll be posting some with her in the outdoor installation along with my other work for the show in a future post.

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