Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tah Dah!...

I love the explosion effect of this photograph (below) of my Jill-in-a-Box taken by Kim Hincman. It's as if the crank was turned and the box flew open and the camera went "click!"

"Jill-in-a-Box" 3.5'x4'x14" waxed and wired polka-dot baby dress, vintage toy airplanes, vintage army paratrooper, vintage blind spot mirror, assorted vintage toys and game pieces: paddle ball, metal checker board, dominoes, dice, ping pong balls, rubber ball, bingo pieces, scrabble letters, two vintage toy ducks, toy hairbrush, whistles, tin horn, squirt guns, plastic snakes, ball and jax, wiffle ball and bat, golf ball and club, stacking donut toys, tinker toys, wooden stringing beads, antique wooden blocks, toy puzzles, child's scissors, toy tools: hammers, ax, shovels, rake, hoe, wire, wooden dowels, metal springs... I think that's it!...
"Jill-in-a-Box" in my installation titled "Serious Play" from Art Grows Here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Polka-Dot Girl on the Twirling Trapeze...

... from my installation "Serious Play" for Art Grows Here. (www.artgrowshere.com )

(Photo Kimberly Hincman)

"Polka-Dot Girl" 24x12x12 altered child's dress, wire, wax, chain, metal tube, red square block ( at top of chain, not shown) She swings and twirls!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They're Back! Part 2...

...Only this time it's Kewpies! This pair in the wagon "Kewpies in a Bubble Bath"with the 3-d repeated circles (marbles) are included in an outdoor installation I am doing for Art Grows Here. www.artgrowshere.com

(photo Kimberley Hincman)
"Kewpies in a Bubble Bath" 24X12X6 Two vintage Kewpie Dolls (posed), marbles, small radio flyer wagon

Below are two Kewpie mixed media with encaustic pieces I posted here a while back; "Observatory" and "Elevation." I never tire of Kewpie... It must be true love!

Monday, July 12, 2010

They're Back!...

Some one once told me, when referring to my artwork, that I had a consistent vocabulary and today when I stood back to look at my lastest work, an outdoor installation titled "Serious Play" for Art Grows Here (pictured below), I understood what they meant. I am re-posting an encaustic painting (above) I did a while back titled "The Three Little Muses" so you can see how they evolved into three-dimensional form. Notice the repeated circle forms as well. I'm sure it will be no surprise to know many of the components in this installation spin and twirl. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun! For more information on Art Grows Here go to www.artgrowshere.com .
(photo Kimberley Hincman)