Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Capturing the Magic...

It's one thing to create and experience an installation but the way it's photographed is equally important for future reference. This is why I wanted to share these photos, taken by my daughter Alissa Mead. She has a natural eye for composition and a storybook way of capturing and enhancing images... just perfect for my "Perfect Fairytale" installation.

Many thanks Alissa!

"Bird" needle, thread and scissors, installed atop the birdfeeder...

There it is hiding at the left behind the Rose of Sharon. Notice the beautiful birdhouses made by my Dad. All of them were occupied for the installation! So, with all the birds present and the "ribbons being carried" across the side yard, nature did cooperate as I had hoped!

A slightly different view and color range.

This one looks like a bride walking down the aisle... I think I must have been influenced by the fact that this IS where Alissa walked into the back yard and under the arbor on her wedding day in 2005. That was the first Perfect Fairytale, but with a candy-themed, lollipop twist!

Monday, July 25, 2011

"American Dream"...

This is my second installation for 2011 Art Grows Here , a self-guided tour of neighborhood art installations and performances in my community. It is a Home Sweet Home icon made out of stitched and quilted coin wrappers and burlap that I glued to wood and framed. I then hung it from antique chain like an old sign on my front porch. The story behind it is based on my personal challenges with home ownership yet it also speaks to the larger and vastly changing landscape of the American Dream.

photo Alissa Mead

Detail of coin wrappers and burlap.

(There were many who didn't notice this installation at first and said it looked like it belonged there. It was fun to see their faces once they saw what it was made of!)

photo Alissa Mead

On the porch.

photo Alissa Mead

I have re-posted this one below for you to compare the day and night effects on this installation that I mentioned in my previous post.
photo Kimberley Hincman

(Apologies for the color/contrast issues of my art in some photos, due to who-knows-what?)

I have many artful photos, some with details not yet shared, that I will add in my next post!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Nighttime Story...

I had to share these images of my Art Grows Here "Perfect Fairytale" installed at night. It gives her an other-worldly feeling, more like a Tim Burton movie than Disney's Cinderella. My second installation, "American Dream" is an iconic "Home Sweet Home" sign made from quilted coin wrappers and burlap is pictured at the bottom of the page. It too changes from it's overall feeling of old-time front porch charm into a more Burton-like feel at night. I hope to post daylight photos and more info about that installation in a future post.

Hauntingly beautiful.

photo: Alissa Mead

I can almost feel the flowers waking at her feet, beginning to grow and bloom in vines around her. My sparrows fly out from their birdhouses in the dark light, still cast perfectly for their starring role.

photo: Kimberley Hincman

From the sideyard and onto the porch for my second installation for Art Grows Here, "American Dream". (I love the way the wind knocked my trellis back creating the perfect mysterious mood for this photo.)

photo: Kimberley Hincman

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home... for ART!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Perfect Fairytale" installed outside

This is one of my two 2011 Art Grows Here installations, "Perfect Fairytale". It was inspired by the scene in Cinderella where the birds make her dress. (More info in my previous post.) I made it from over a years-worth of True Value birdseed bags. The idea was born from the question about what happens to these bags after I throw them away. The birdhouses (made for me by my father and painted by me), were included in the installation along with the birdbath and small portions of birdseed scattered around to produce bird activity. This has created a magical environment with plenty of birdsong and flying back and forth which was what I had hoped for!

all photos Priscilla Herrington

A few more details to come!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Perfect Fairytale"...

This is the name of one of the two installations I made for Art Grows Here 2011.

This is my inspiration.

As a child, I loved the magic of the birds and mice making her dress... Apparently I still do!

This is my artist's statement:

PERFECT FAIRYTALE This iconic fairytale sculpture was fashioned from more than a years-worth of my recycled True Value birdseed bags. It is my imaginary fantasy about what happens to these bags after we feed the birds. It was inspired by a well-known movie scene, fondly remembered from my childhood. In it, the birds make a dress for Cinderella. My installation combines my love of nature with my need to manipulate it for my own enjoyment. In whimsical fashion, it explores our impact on nature. (When installed outdoors on site it also includes birdhouses (made by my father and painted by me ) and feeders which involves the birds who fly back and forth as if creating the dress and carrying the ribbons.)

This is a close-up subtly revealing the print on the other side.

And this is the finished sculpture.
(Notice one of the blue and red birdseed bags on the chair.)

I'll be posting some with her in the outdoor installation along with my other work for the show in a future post.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"A Dream is a wish your heart makes"...

photo credit: Alissa Mead

I know. It's been too long since I've updated this blog. So, where was I ?... Oh, yeah. I am days away from installing two new installations for the 2011 Art Grows Here self-guided tour of outdoor art installations- that me and my friends began in our community last summer. The 2011 tour has "grown" this year to include poetry, dance, and theater- just as we hoped it would! And... it has consumed a good deal of my time in the Neverland of the internet and in the creating of a dream.

I have had a lot of fun in the fairytale world of my studio...

Now all I need is nature's cooperation... (fingers crossed!)

More to come soon!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Once upon a time... A continuation

I have always had a passion for fairytales. They are so loaded with symbology and subject matter. This is one of my first encaustic paintings. I made it back in 2002 and titled it "Fairytale". The reason I am posting it here today is because it relates to a large outdoor installation project I am working on for Art Grows Here 2011, which is one reason I haven't been posting here. I don't want to reveal my work-in-progress just yet but I thought I'd give you a hint and something to look at. Enjoy!

"Fairytale" 11x11x1.5 mixed media encaustic with seed pods, vintage storybook page

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stepped Away...

Thank you to those of you who come here to see what I've been up to. As you can see I have not blogged for quite some time! I have been and will be busy working on some exciting creative projects that I will share with you in the future. For now this blog and it's archives will serve as a portfolio of sorts.

Today, I have reposted some photos for you to look at while I'm away. Enjoy!

TTFN!!! (Ta! Ta! for now, that is.)