Monday, July 25, 2011

"American Dream"...

This is my second installation for 2011 Art Grows Here , a self-guided tour of neighborhood art installations and performances in my community. It is a Home Sweet Home icon made out of stitched and quilted coin wrappers and burlap that I glued to wood and framed. I then hung it from antique chain like an old sign on my front porch. The story behind it is based on my personal challenges with home ownership yet it also speaks to the larger and vastly changing landscape of the American Dream.

photo Alissa Mead

Detail of coin wrappers and burlap.

(There were many who didn't notice this installation at first and said it looked like it belonged there. It was fun to see their faces once they saw what it was made of!)

photo Alissa Mead

On the porch.

photo Alissa Mead

I have re-posted this one below for you to compare the day and night effects on this installation that I mentioned in my previous post.
photo Kimberley Hincman

(Apologies for the color/contrast issues of my art in some photos, due to who-knows-what?)

I have many artful photos, some with details not yet shared, that I will add in my next post!


Harriett Faulks said...

At first glance, it does look like an ordinary Home Sweet Home banner. But, if you look closely, you’ll be amazed that it’s actually made out of coin wrappers! It’s certainly a creative way to use coin wrappers for artwork. It looks amazing!

@Harriett Faulks

Jill Herrick-Lee said...

Thank you Harriet!