Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Capturing the Magic...

It's one thing to create and experience an installation but the way it's photographed is equally important for future reference. This is why I wanted to share these photos, taken by my daughter Alissa Mead. She has a natural eye for composition and a storybook way of capturing and enhancing images... just perfect for my "Perfect Fairytale" installation.

Many thanks Alissa!

"Bird" needle, thread and scissors, installed atop the birdfeeder...

There it is hiding at the left behind the Rose of Sharon. Notice the beautiful birdhouses made by my Dad. All of them were occupied for the installation! So, with all the birds present and the "ribbons being carried" across the side yard, nature did cooperate as I had hoped!

A slightly different view and color range.

This one looks like a bride walking down the aisle... I think I must have been influenced by the fact that this IS where Alissa walked into the back yard and under the arbor on her wedding day in 2005. That was the first Perfect Fairytale, but with a candy-themed, lollipop twist!

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