Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Nighttime Story...

I had to share these images of my Art Grows Here "Perfect Fairytale" installed at night. It gives her an other-worldly feeling, more like a Tim Burton movie than Disney's Cinderella. My second installation, "American Dream" is an iconic "Home Sweet Home" sign made from quilted coin wrappers and burlap is pictured at the bottom of the page. It too changes from it's overall feeling of old-time front porch charm into a more Burton-like feel at night. I hope to post daylight photos and more info about that installation in a future post.

Hauntingly beautiful.

photo: Alissa Mead

I can almost feel the flowers waking at her feet, beginning to grow and bloom in vines around her. My sparrows fly out from their birdhouses in the dark light, still cast perfectly for their starring role.

photo: Kimberley Hincman

From the sideyard and onto the porch for my second installation for Art Grows Here, "American Dream". (I love the way the wind knocked my trellis back creating the perfect mysterious mood for this photo.)

photo: Kimberley Hincman

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home... for ART!

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