Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Review from the Neighborhood...

photo Barbara Smith

It's been a week and a half since the end of Art Grows Here, our self-guided tour of outdoor art installations. Our work was so well received by the community that we are making plans to do it again next year!
Our mission for Art Grows Here is "to make art and artists more visible and to engage and inspire the community." So, with that in mind, I chose to literally bring my work out of the attic studio where I work and down onto the street of my community. Below, I have included some words that my neighbor and fellow poet Brooke Mackie-Ketchem wrote about my installation "Serious Play". (Thank you Brooke!)

"Where Art begins and House Ends has no defining moment. Books cascade out of an upstairs bedroom window and down over the porch roof, reminding the viewer of all those bedtime stories others have read to you, or stories one has read underneath the covers by flashlight."

photo Kimberley Hincman

`photo Barbara Smith

"Probably the central moment of joy for me." ("Jill -in-a-box")

photo Kimberley Hincman

"Trikes and wagons in perfect on-slaught positioning. Like children, the installation is irrepressible. It balances precariously, defies gravity, threatens to fall out of windows, dangles off the roof, hides behind bushes, yells surprise and runs out into the street without looking twice. "Serious Play" shows how childhood is a pell-mell and raucous carnival experience."

photo Kimberley Hincman

"Little Miss Muffett's blue bowl of curds & whey ...and surely, all that's left is the spider, the dress, and that bowl. Miss Muffett herself has been frightened away! Children's story books tumble out onto the ground, begging the viewers to pick one up and turn their pages. Reaching out to grab hold of the childhood pieces comes naturally to the viewer. This installation is tempting and tactile, alluring, amusing, beguiling the viewer like so many colorful pieces of candy in a display case. Isn't childhood about "just one more, PLEASE?"

photo Kimberley Hincman

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