Monday, March 30, 2009


 "Elevation" 6.75 x 6.5  mixed media encaustic   Jill Herrick-Lee


AllanB said...

Picking up the love theme (Kewpie, Cupid god of love), the Kewpie floats in a field of love, with his left foot floating just over the word elevation. Dropping 2 letters from "elevation" you have the word "elation". This piece gives me the feeling of elation.

janetvanfleet said...

I've looked at these Kewpie pieces a number of times now, and one of the things that makes them work so well for me is the "natural" materials of the wood boxes, print on paper, and encaustic pigments -- next to the "artificial" plastic doll. They are each dragging/attracting the other elements into their own realm, and this is quite dynamic.